If you are into matcha and coffee, you might want to know what are their differences, and the pros and cons. 

Which is better for you and your lifestyle? First thing first, you need to know what is matcha and what is coffee.

Matcha is made from dried green tea leaves and commonly comes in powder form that is then mixed with hot water or even milk. You can also add it to your baked goods.
It has 140 times the antioxidants of coffee and has an amino acid called L-theanine, which helps promotes the slow release of caffeine. This gives matcha the ability to sustain energy for up the twice as long as coffee. Meaning if you need something to make you stay awake, you should go for matcha instead.

The energy matcha provides is much calmer, and alert awareness and doesn’t lead to that jittery feeling that coffee sometimes causes.

Coffee on the other hand made from coffee beans and has up to 3 times the caffeine of matcha. It provides a faster spike in energy, but also a faster drop. It only can hold up for only 1-3 hours of energy. The energy from coffee is also a bit more stimulating, which can cause jittery in some people.

If you have issues with acid reflux or stomach inflammation, as well as anxiety, matcha would probably fit you best.