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The Best Prominent Manufacturer in Malaysia

Our Brand

  As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), we have successfully created custom-made pre-mixes for various companies and brands.

  With over 40 years of experience, our partners and clients can rest assured as we manage everything from sourcing and product R&D to manufacturing and packaging. Our belief: A consistent product quality taste and texture assure your customers gets to enjoyment of your prodt

Trusted Reliability Brand

Importance of a Reliable and “No Surprises” Production Promise.

   From Purchase of Fresh Coffee Beans, Roasted to Your Specifications, Packed and Delivered in the Quantity and Time You Required 

Our Belief

  A Consistent Product Quality Taste and Texture Assure your Customers gets to Enjoyment of your Product.

Why Us? 

Finding The Right Partner is crucial to the Success of Venture.

Our Certification

  Our Certification is your Brand’s Certification. Working with us gives your Brand Instant Certification. One of our Certifications is for Halal Market.

Quality Control

   Consistency in Production is an important part of Quality Control. We take these step to ensure that Batch-To-Batch, Taste, Aroma and Flavour remain constant and does not fluctuate. Quality Controls are involved in the whole production process.

Practical Expertise

  Decades of hands-on experience give us an insight into the coffee and beverage market. Long before coffee was fashionable our owner Mr. Lim was roasting coffee beans for many of the old the Kopitiam of Kuala Lumpur.

Business Stability

   Over the years, we have weathered the economic turbulence of our country and become stronger because of it. Prudent management of our resource has enabled us to weather market upheavals and become self-reliant.

OEM Capability

   We have helped a lot of brand owners to build a consistent taste or flavour unique to their brand. The journey to your own brand can be a richly rewarding one as many of our clients have discovered.

Qualified Teamwork

   More than 40 years of independent brand in the market. We have a group of team work and more than 40 years old experience in this OEM food and beverage industry.

Exported more than 8 Countries

Japan, China, Indonesia, Singapore, HongKong...

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